Week #35

Guess What? This might be my last blog post!!! Anyways, this week was fun and busy. First, my team finished filming our movies. Then, we had the Q and U wedding, the rodeo, & the 4th grade talent show along with the teacher vs. student basketball game. We also had our Alumni Talk. Next, this is my last Friday in elementary school. Although this is sad, this week was awesome. File May 13, 8 14 38 AM

Week #34

The final countdown to school is here! You know what that means. Lots of fun things! There are only 9 1/2  days of school left until summer and then I am off to middle school. I will miss writing on my blog every Friday. Anyways, I will talk about what I did this week. First, we had a KARM field trip on Wensday. KARM is a place where they house homeless people and they also sell things. Then, we had electronic day on Thursday which was also fun. We also mad Mother’s Day cards and started filming our movies. Last but not least, on Monday, if you are going to West Valley for middle school you got a tour. That was my amazing week 34 at Rocky Hill.

Week #33

This week was awesome. First, we had ½ of the week dedicated to TN ready which means candy and a lot of fun things. Next, we got our yearbooks and I got half a page dedicated to me! Then, we had science experiments so that was fun. We also did our movie scripts and Aaron M. was #1 in Ticket to Read! Once again, this week was awesome.IMG_6471

Wee #32

File Apr 22, 8 03 08 AMThe week before TN Ready is here and you know what that means. PRACTICE, but the good part is if you get -0 ( 100%) you get to pick from the candy bucket!!!!!!!!!!!! The best part about it is if you miss 1 or more Mr. Haney yells BOOOOOOOOOO and it is really funny. There were also some fun things this week. The first one is most of us are almost done with our movie scripts!! Also on the movie topic, we got to read our scripts out loud in front of the class. Next, we had a Soul Singers concert. Soul Singers is a group of 4th grade and 5th grade students who sing 4 or 5 songs n front of the whole school ( k-5)!!!!!! The next thing that happened this week was Aaron is competing for #1 on Ticket to Read!!!! His blog is www.rockyhillaaron.edublogs.org. That was another awesome week at Rocky Hill!!!


Week #31

My week 31 wasn’t super busy but it was fun. First, we finished our songs and started our movies. Then, we did shaved ice for Lucas who is a boy at our school who has been diagnosed with cancer which is very sad. We also made commercials for him. Also, we had some tournaments of kickball. Next, we did TN Ready practice and read our novel, The White Giraffe. Last but not least, we did songs with our reading buddies. That was my awesome week at Rocky Hill.File Apr 15, 8 03 00 AMThis is the kickball field.